UN-PITY ME: Thailand's first #metoo by UN Women

When UN Women came to us looking to launch #metoo in Thailand for women to be heard and helped, we joined forces with Mirum Thailand to create a unique and inspiring digital campaign for violence against women.

However, there's one problem; in Thailand, it's a nation full of victims, but no survivors.

Or at least that's how these women are always perceived - terrified, pitiful, battered in the news, tearjerking testimonials in demure black and white advertisements or beaten, bruised faces displayed online - seen it all before, heard it all before.

The problem with "victim" is it's the story that only shows how scary and unarmed it is to be a woman. By seeing these women as victims, we’ve robbed them of their power. By seeing themselves as one, they’ve robbed themselves of the strength to recover and rise above.

This is how UN-PITY ME came about - we wanted to prove that "victim" is nothing more than a mindset and a perception.

During 14 Day of Activism, we launch a full integrated campaign with everything from a film to a social media movement to a website and a 360 immersive experience, we even changed headlines on a newspaper - from bad news to bold news.

In the end, this campaign won 3 awards in total. 2 from Mobile Web Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Advocacy and Non-Profit. The latest one was a Silver at W3 Awards.

This is the campaign overview.

We created a website which contains our 360 immersive video experience. In the 360, viewers will be taken into the home of a women who's being abused by her husband. Through uncomfortable immersive imagery and sound, viewers will learn the correct way to handle domestic violence as they search the home for an escape plan.

The full experience: http://www.mirum.co.th/hearmetoo/review.html

Aside from the website and the immersive experience, we also produced a film featuring a former beauty queen who was, for years, abused by her husband.

On the website, we also featured stories that were written based on true events and survivors.

Thai copy and English subtitles by Nicha Jaroensuk