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Inspired by a friend's battle with breast cancer, "Til Death Do Us Part" questions the female identity. 

By using couture fashion as the storyteller, I got to challenge myself, not just in terms of techniques in fashion illustration but conceptually as well. 

This series puts hair front and centre while representing women who've lost their hair in their battle with cancer as these powerful forces you can't ignore. It's a visual irony that ends up looking very much like empowerment. Because at the end of the day, the female identity isn't defined by hairstyles and pretty dresses - it's defined by strength and spirit. 

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The ISHA Collection is part of Unmuted, an initiative by Alnaus Foundation. Unmuted is a campaign that uses art to empower women while at the same time connect them through the common grounds in their stories. 

This is a collection of merchandise I created for the launch of Unmuted. I wanted the collection to be filled with attitude, grace and of course, a femininity. 

Inspired by wildflowers, this collection that celebrates women that grow and blossom on their own terms in the world that has been in the shade of conformity. 

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Let's Get Weird is a series of content that chronicles my experience in making art on random objects I've found. 

So from a guitar to a Chinese wedding tea set to a hotel window and not to mention, a motorcycle, I've learned a lot through creating this content. Most importantly, I have a lot of fun. 

This content isn't meant to be an art tutorial per se, even though  sometimes I do give technical tips, but ultimately, I want Let's Get Weird to be the type of content that makes art accessible and interesting to all - even to those that don't make them. 


"Relationshit" was the theme of my first solo exhibition in a gallery. 

This is a series of digital illustrations done in 2016 and it was exhibited at Dialogue Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. 

My intention behind this series was to tell stories of love lost and lessons learned. I believe what makes us humans special is the fact that we can share stories and scars and connect through the common grounds we have. 

And let's face it, nothing creates more stories and scars than love. 


This is the mural I did for Sago House, a hip cocktail bar in Singapore. 

When Sago House came to me, they were looking for a mural that would add a story to their balcony which they had planned to turn it into a garden. That's when I had the idea of "The Garden of Ghouls and Evil". 

Because Sago House has this dark and mysterious look and the walls have indented rectangles along the sides and in all corners, I turned their balcony into this immersive world where you can peek into the windows, each with its own ghoul and evil. I wanted this space to become something that will allow the patrons to feel like they can let their otherworldly personalities come out to play. 


"The Takeover" is a series of mixed media illustrations that celebrates women in their everyday. 

Combining photographs of landscapes and cityscapes with illustrations, I tried to tap into personal moments that women may find to be embarrassing for the world to see. What this series is trying to do is encourage women to never feel ashamed of being themselves in these moments. 

Ultimately, I want this series to be empowering to see, to feel and to connect with for all women. 


"Feast of Champions" is a mural I did for The Lokal, a bustling brunch spot in Singapore.  

Because of my love for anatomy and the Renaissance surrealist, Arcimboldo, I came up with the visual of a chef's table. On the table, there's a healthy human body made out of all the ingredients you can find in the kitchen of The Lokal. 

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