A passion paints a thousand words

I am a Chicago-born, Bangkok-based bilingual copywriter with a lengthy advertising experience that expands across multiple categories of brands, products, services, and innovations.


Basically what I’m saying is - I’ve written about a lot of things for a lot of people.


Through my copywriting career, I’ve gotten to go places I never thought I would. Starting from being a wide-eyed copywriting intern in New York City to kicking off my advertising career as a Junior Copywriter in Bangkok writing for airlines and automotive, to becoming a Creative Director for big entities like Maybelline and UN Women, then came my latest adventure: Head of Copy for PwC’s Experience Centre in Singapore.


Throughout all of that, I’ve come to believe in two things - the power of words and my passion for the craft of copywriting. From global concepts to scripts for 30-second spots, there’s not a facet of copywriting that doesn’t fascinate me.


Because writing, when it hits the right mark, it has the power to move people, change behaviors and perceptions, and most of all, it can inspire. If you think small things can never be made bigger with just the right wording — think again.


I’ve spent my career diligently trying to hit the right mark and to make sure copywriting will continue to take me places - I shall never stop the chase to hit that mark.